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10 Job Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

When you’re looking for a job, employers and hiring managers are looking for someone they think will be a great fit for the position and the company.

According to a CareerBuilder survey, nearly half of employers know in the first five minutes of the interview if a candidate will be a good or bad fit for the job.

So, whether you’re just entering the workforce or want to make a career change, it’s important to not destroy your chances.

Here are 10 mistakes that will instantly eliminate you for job consideration:

  1. Get caught lying about something
  2. Answering your phone or texting during the interview
  3. Appearing arrogant or entitled
  4. Giving the impression you have a lack of accountability
  5. Swearing
  6. Dressing inappropriately
  7. Talking negatively about your current or previous employers
  8. Not knowing about the job or company
  9. Having unprofessional body language
  10. Knowing nothing about the industry or competitors

There are also some less obvious mistakes to avoid. If you talk fast when you’re nervous slow down a bit to project confidence.

Keep in mind that your body language can speak more to the interviewer than what you say.  You should make eye contact, smile, avoid fidgeting, sit up straight, and have a good handshake.

Like the saying goes you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Use these tips to avoid instantly destroying your chances of landing that job.

You can check out the CareerBuilder survey here

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