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October, 2016

  • 26 October

    Tim Tebow Defends Right to Chase His Dreams on ESPN’s First Take


    Tim Tebow is going viral for a new video in which he defends his current aspirations to chase his dream of becoming a big league baseball player. My only thought watching it was, “This is the difference in how the world and a follower of Christ would view this.” Despite leading the Denver …

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  • 26 October

    How God’s Grace Sets You Free


    Today a great reminder was brought back to my attention. In the arena of tribulation, despair, and mistakes, we are able to see the true love of God manifest itself. When a person does well, they have the tendency to feel justified in the sight of God. This enables us …

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  • 26 October

    Kirk Franklin Talks to MTV About Chance, Kanye, and the Love of God


    MTV News gave Kirk Franklin the opportunity to explain his heart behind why he has worked with secular artists. Recent examples include Kanye West and Chance the Rapper, but this is not a new trend, as throughout his career he has worked with the likes of SALT, R. Kelly, and Bono …

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  • 25 October

    Watch Ray Comfort’s New Film “The Atheist Delusion”


    As a former atheist, this one hits home. I’m also a pretty big Ray Comfort fan. He just has a beautifully simplistic way with words that allows him to communicate the Gospel very well. If you aren’t familiar with his films, Ray is a street preacher who also runs a …

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  • 25 October

    Modern Atheism and Its European Roots


    Atheist. That word often conjures up the image of a horde of angry God-haters who live with the sole purpose of crushing your belief in Him with an unending onslaught of arguments. People like Bill Maher, Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins and others come to mind, along with their rants and harsh …

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  • 21 October

    Chance the Rapper’s Remix of Chris Tomlin’s “How Great is Our God” (Video)


    Chance the Rapper is back at it with the Christian themed music, releasing a video for “How Great” off of his Coloring Book mixtape. The song is a remix of sorts of Chris Tomlin’s “How Great is Our God”. Check it out:   #HowGreat Official Video featuring my cousin Nicole. Shot …

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  • 21 October

    Should Christians Worry About Offending Others on Social Media?


      We are living in an age where practically every effort is made by western, 21st century culture to make Jesus seem as warm, fuzzy, comfortable, inviting, and acceptable to everyone as possible. We advise fellow Christians to “pray before you post” lest they somehow “make matters worse” or offend …

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  • 20 October

    Lecrae Declares Black Lives Matter in Open Letter to Supporters


    Lecrae has penned a new open letter to his fans and supporters through The Huffington Post where he covers how the pains of humanity, specifically in the area of racism have been ‘draining’ him. Check it out: I was once told you shouldn’t waste time explaining yourself to people bent …

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  • 19 October

    Bizzle Details His Real Experiences with Racism to DJ Wade-O


    Blanket statements and generalizations made about any people group are harmful, and I also believe are in direct violation of what the Bible teaches us about controlling our speech and tongues. I’ve seen so much of it on social media lately that it’s enough to make one hope the internet …

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  • 18 October

    Oprah Interviews Hillsong NYC’s Pastor Carl Lentz


    Pastor Carl Lentz visited Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday program to discuss God, faith, the Bible, the Church, and even the roots of racism. Christians had a lot to say via the interwebs based on snippets and quotes that seem to be grossly taken out of context. I happen to think …

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