Wednesday , July 8 2020

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June, 2020

  • 25 June

    A Message to the Christian Battling Sexual Sin

      Most people don’t know my story or how far I have come from who I used to be; in August, I will be celebrating a huge personal accomplishment and I want to share why it is so significant. I grew up in an extremely strict, sheltered household on a small …

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April, 2020

  • 14 April

    What Depression Is Like When the Whole World Is Sick

    You could say that I’ve been diagnosed, but the whole process is asinine. I was born with a broken heart, literally. When the professionals want to figure it out or fix it to the best of their abilities, they use the latest and greatest technologies—cameras you can’t hardly believe are …

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  • 14 April

    Take the Red Pill: Watch “Out of Shadows”

    Why do you believe what you believe? As humans, we derive what we know to be “fact” most often from our stories, the news we hear, and cumulative history passed down from our most trusted authorities. We accept these things to be true and our reality is formed. But what …

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February, 2020

  • 10 February

    How Tech Revolution Contributes to Public Discourse

    Our desire to share ideas and information has always driven human progress and growth. The drive to communicate our ideas has not only spurred growth in technology, but technology has undoubtedly shaped the way we dialog. From oral traditions to the development of the printing press to our current digital …

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  • 10 February

    Save For the Marriage, Not the Wedding

    According to a 2018 survey released by the average cost of a wedding in the US was $33,931.00.  Please note that this does not include expenses for the honeymoon.  According to the survey, the three highest expenses for the average wedding in the US are as follows: Reception venue: …

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January, 2020

  • 13 January

    Maximize Your Tax Refund!

    Tax season is just about here! Are you expecting a refund this year? If so how do you plan to use it? I’d like to offer some suggestions to maximize your anticipated tax refund. This is a good time because the IRS won’t start accepting returns electronically until January 27, …

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  • 3 January

    What Is a Topical Bible Study, and How Do You Do It?

    As Christians, we are blessed with the opportunity to study the Bible, also known as the word of God! There are many ways that we can do Bible study and a few years back, I shared the Bible Project as a really helpful way to get into the Scriptures more. …

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  • 2 January

    Start the New Year With Financial Purpose

    Well 2020 is here, what can you do differently with your finances that will place you closer to your financial goals by the end of this year? I want to offer a few things that you can do now to change your financial future. The first thing you and I …

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  • 1 January

    The Central Park 5 Weren’t Innocent—Netflix Series “When They See Us” Review

    Chioke Brown of the Consider Culture brand has taken the time to do a deep dive into the controversial Central Park 5 case like you have never seen before. After researching and watching the videos in this post, I no longer think the Central Park 5 were anywhere near as …

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December, 2019

  • 16 December

    The Financial State of Black America

    In 2018, MassMutual released a study known as the State of the American Family Study which examined the economic outlook and issues American families face. The study delves into culture, as well. These are some results found in this study as it relates to African-American families based on their research: …

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