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July, 2016

  • 28 July

    Propaganda Delivered a Brilliant Spoken Word Poem at Legacy 2016

    Propaganda America Spoken

    The interwebs were buzzing with news from Legacy 2016 that Humble Beast’s Propaganda delivered a brilliant new spoken word piece, I THINK @prophiphop JUST SPIT THE MOST POWERFUL SPOKEN WORD IVE EVER HEARD IN MY LIFE. #AllCapsTurnUp👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 — Sho Baraka (@AmIshoBaraka) July 23, 2016 Somehow the homie GS got his …

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  • 28 July

    Decoding Lupe Fiasco’s References to Babies on Album Covers

    SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 08:  Lupe Fiasco performs live for fans at Qantas Credit Union Arena on January 8, 2015 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Don Arnold/WireImage)

    Even if you aren’t a Lupe Fiasco fan, you have to at least acknowledge his talent. I know there are a lot of rap fans who desire the ability to plainly understand the lyrics they are listening to. So in that regard, I recognize that Lupe is probably the most …

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  • 26 July

    Where Is Your Hope?


    Since January I have put my hope in different avenues to help support my family financially. I’ve tried making money blogging, considered writing a book, as well as a few other ideas. However, it wasn’t until mid-March that I realized my hope was in temporal things and not the things that …

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  • 25 July

    California Police Release Statement Regarding Democratic Convention

    Police DNC

    The Republican National Convention is over. Despite the serious issues facing our country, the current state of politics and news media have left the focus on Melania’s plagiarism, Ted Cruz being booed off stage, and a bunch of fairly pale looking people holding “Latinos for Trump” signs. If you’re a fan of this type …

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  • 25 July

    3 Reasons You Should Be Investing


    Investing is important in gaining long-term wealth and economic value. Many associate the idea of investing with being rich or wealthy but your economic status doesn’t matter when it comes to investing. Anyone can do it and it’s better to start sooner than later. Below are 3 reasons you should be investing. …

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  • 22 July

    3 Relationships Every Woman Should Have


    “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back” In our current culture, women often carry an anti-female mentality when it comes to befriending other women. The common idea is that women are catty and too drama-filled; therefore, we are generally unpleasant to be around. …

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  • 21 July

    My Thoughts On the Black Lives Matter Movement

    Neal Blair, of Augusta, Ga., wears a hoodie which reads, "Black Lives Matter" as stands on the lawn of the Capitol building during a rally to mark the 20th anniversary of the Million Man March, on Capitol Hill, on Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015, in Washington. Black men from around the nation returned to the capital calling for changes in policing and in black communities. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

    More often than not you hear people say, “The police are getting out of control with shooting unarmed and sometimes armed young black males.” I, being a so-called African-American male, believe I understand where people are coming from. I, too, am alarmed at what I am witnessing through social media and …

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  • 20 July

    10 Ways Your Parents Lied to You About Your Body


    Did you ever hear any of these commonly told myths when you were growing up? Or do you say them now to your own children? I’m guilty of repeating a few of these to my own children over the years. But hey, we can now have peace knowing there isn’t …

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  • 20 July

    NBA Greats Call for an End to Violence at the ESPY Awards


    There was a great moment at the ESPY Awards show—NBA greats Carmelo Anthony spoke out about the racial tensions plaguing our country, followed by Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers, Dwayne Wade of the Chicago Bulls (that feels really odd to type, by the way. How could Miami let …

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  • 19 July

    Derek Minor Releases Visual Wake Up Call with Video for “Free”

    Derek Minor free video

    After the unfortunate death of Alton Sterling, Reflection Music Group frontman Derek Minor went to the studio – his ‘safe place.’ Shortly afterwards, the song “Free” was released in hopes of making a statement. To fuel that effort, he has now delivered a visual for the song that should definitely …

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